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Jason Jackson tribute album update and fundraiser show - March 18, 2014

So get this: Within less than a month, we have busted right through the initial funding goal for the Jason Jackson tribute album (details in earlier News post). It goes without saying that those who have donated so far are the awesomest of the awesome, but I'll say it anyway.

But get this: What if we were able to put MORE tunes on the record, and have Grammy-winning producer John Hampton spend MORE time mixing, adding just the right touches to jump the line from great to badass.

To that end, the full acoustic quintet will be doing a special multi-platform performance on Sunday, March 23rd at 3PM SLT (Pacific time), otherwise known as 5PM Central time. The show will take place in the Concerts in the Attic space in Fort Worth, with a limited in-person invite-only audience. But it will be broadcast to Vinyl Cafe in Second Life, and also via video feed to Our talented pal in the UK, Marky Helstein, will be opening for us in Second Life.

All details are below:

And remember, you can reserve your copy by donating at any time right here:

Many thanks again to all who have already donated, and big thanks for all the kind words thus far. We are extremely excited, as is Mr. Hampton, to shoot this thing through the roof.

Let's do it.

Let's make a Jason Jackson tribute album - February 18, 2014

In 2011, my good friend Jason Jackson passed away. He was one of the best songwriters I have ever known, and yet very few people have ever heard his songs. Though a prolific writer, he never got much opportunity to record or perform.

The potential has emerged for that wrong to be made right. You may never have heard the name John Hampton, but you have heard his work. He has produced and mixed breakthrough albums for the White Stripes, Gin Blossoms, Travis Tritt, the Replacements, and many other chart-toppers. John has expressed an interest in working with us to create an album of Jason’s songs, many of them recorded for the first time ever.

Combining our forces, we intend to enlist great vocalists and musicians to bring Jason’s songs to life, including Kevin Russell (Shinyribs, the Gourds), Nathan Hamilton, Talley Summerlin (BE), Doug Kwartler, Aimie Lovett (Loretti), Beth Brown, Sydney Wright (Sol Tax), Ed Rogers, and Shotgun Friday, just for starters.

All we need to make that happen is you.

We have a goal of $3500, which will pay for the album’s production. All net proceeds from sales will go to his daughter. This is not about us making money. It’s about making sure that the great music Jason spent his life creating will finally be brought into the light.

We would like nothing more than for you to be a part of it.

Let’s do this.

For those unfamiliar with Jason’s work, check out my recent cover of Jason’s tune The Lesbian Song, recorded live at Sun Studio in Memphis. There's plenty more where that came from.

The Band That Never Was Episode 5 podcast released - January 8, 2014

Okay, so I know it's been even LONGER since last time, but in the quest for quality over punctuality, I present to you the newest installment in our fair podcast, The Band That Never Was, Episode 5.

Therein, the Average Deep hits the big city, learns the perils of cohabitation, and puts new meat on the bones, not to mention a panel discussion on the joy of wrestling. Of sorts.

And as always, the episode contains a single, which can be had on its own at a variety of digital retailers.

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