Rewired - a novel

Total Psychology: the exact science of opinion and behavior molding. The promise of complete economic and political predictability, delivered by the Lifecast, direct-to-cortex.

But from an audacious team of scientists, a deterrent arises: Rewiring, a detour in neural pathways to evade the Lifecast and its corporate masters. Outnumbered, a handful of Rewired enclaves survive, scattered amidst the global Wired civilization. And in these rebel strongholds, a mystery unfolds…the Vorn. Strange creatures visible only to a very few. The seers.

Now fear and curiosity vie for supremacy as the architects of the Rewired Diaspora stir once again under a cloud of secrecy.

Something moves in the darkness. And Harry Seldon, hapless son of a sociopathic war hero, embarks on a quest to find it.

Whether he wants to or not.

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