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My second novel, Threnody, now available - December 9, 2017


Huge thanks to all who pre-ordered and made the launch waaay smoother than when I tried to put out the first book all by my lonesome. Sometimes teamwork makes the dream work, as they say.

I'm extremely proud of this book, and I hope it provides you all the cerebral oddment you've come to expect from the creative portions of my brain.

Please write reviews on all the retail sites, it helps people to know I'm not just entertaining myself. Which I am, but still...

To reiterate, LOOKIT HERE

My second novel, Threnody, funding now - October 27, 2017

Long time, no holler. Been busy hammering away in the artiste mills, and boy, are my brain cells tired. Still, those labors have borne fruits, and if you so choose, you can be part of harvesting the latest.

Threnody came to me in a relatively quick burst of inspiration, and whereas my first novel, Rewired, took seven years to complete, this one flowed out in less than a year. I'm extremely proud of it, and as you will see by the video, those who have read it thus far give it high marks.

Through the experience of releasing Rewired, I've figured out a bit better what I need and don't need to do with a book launch, thus this fundraising campaign. Rather than hacking away piecemeal, I'd rather get the money together up front and do it right.

That's where you come in. As you'll see, there are levels for everyone, from five bucks on up to fiddy, with rewards of corresponding value up the scale. I appreciate all that you've done to support my work over the years, and I believe this latest piece will make you proud of the monster you helped create.

Lots more in the hopper, fear not. As always, thank you for listening, and keep up the good work.

One year anniversary of Rewired - May 13, 2017

Holy hell, it's been one year since I published my first novel. Big thanks to all who've purchased, shared, and reviewed Rewired, it's been a fun journey.

The book is now available in both e-book and physical form, at all major online retailers, including ye olde Amazon. Keep spreading the word, I do appreciate it.

I'm shopping the new novel to agents right now. It's a work I'm extremely proud of, and I hope to get it into your hands sooner than later.

Many thanks as always for your support. No you, no this.

More soon...
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