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A Brighter Place in the Sun

(the matthew show)
June 30, 2010
written by Jeff Simms and the matthew show
(copyright 2010 Jeff Simms and the matthew show)

Tin Top Road winds out way too far
Takes me to where me and you found our star
Templates built for breaking molds in hand
Pawn shop rock in 4/4 time, drums in sand

You are not the only one
Standing on your own
And someday far away you may find
It’s not that hard
To find a brighter place in the sun

So far to the only place we see
Where things are want, and never need, and meant to be
Shadowed by the graveyard waltz of fear
And if you run far enough, it won’t come near


Over and over we talk around
You won’t let me see you down
And I won’t let you see me down
We’ll reconvene in a year from now
Same excuses and better frowns
Able bodies and plastic crowns
Things you know and then throw them down
Looking out for the turnaround
River running underground

matthew - vocals, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards
Jeff Simms - drums, backing vocals
Nancy Giammarco - backing vocals
Dean Hall - backing vocals