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the matthew show: Listen to Music

Crackertoa (AM 820)

(the matthew show)
April 16, 2012
written by the matthew show
Produced and engineered by the matthew show at Rotary Eleven Studio

matthew - vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Jeff Simms - drums
Bone Doggie - vocals
John Rody - wingnut bluster
Danny Hill - harmonica, slide guitar
Doc Bingo - electric washboard, vocals
Stefan Prigmore - vocals

The video can be found HERE, directed by Janell Broyles
They got it all figured out on the radio station
‘bout the ills of the world and the whole damn nation
Gonna slap a big Bible upside your head
We ain’t gonna pay attention to the words in red

Gonna make a big crater in the Middle East
Gonna kill all the people in the name of peace
Gonna turn the other cheek with my big red button
Bring a newkular hammer, you’ll be hurtin’ for certain

You better run, God’s on my side

Thank you, Lord God, for the gift of this nation
For the backs of the blacks and the Native Americans
For ol’ Davy Crockett and his band of thieves
I keep a 20 in my pocket, Andy Jackson don’t leave me

You touch my flag, I’ll mess you up
In the name of truth, justice, and American bucks
‘cause the man on the radio got it figured out
Told me what I got to do to kick the Mexicans out

You better run, God’s on my side

I keep a semi-automatic by my pillow in the bed
‘cause what God wants is for you to be dead
My stuff is my stuff and now your stuff is mine
‘cause y’all can’t be trusted with them oil pipelines

I got a Bible says kill every one of you dead
I got a Bible says He made the world for me instead
I got a man on the radio says it’s my land
Monkey see, monkey do, monkey gotta take a stand

You better run, God’s on my side