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the matthew show: Listen to Music

Bring Me Safely Down [Memphis version]

(the matthew show)
October 18, 2012
written by the matthew show
I will be there when all your gypsy days are done
I will be standing by the stage at night to help you sing your songs
Sing out along
Give me the will to carry on
Give me the strength to sing my songs
And I will never be alone
And I will never be the one
Who always finds you there alone and tired
When all along you were the only one I admired
Bring me safely down

This flyover town is such a crappy place to be
I need a rock and roll location for my rock and roll dream
What does it mean
This path that leads us to our beds
Our greatness waiting till we're dead
And I will never be alone
Bring up that melody so strong
That I can scarcely hear the words or music
The voice it lent itself you long ago, now use it
Bring me safely down

You're smoking up your mind
You've abandoned common sense
And you're afraid to let it out
All that natural-born pretense
And you do wear those clothes so well
That tell the whole world what you think
Yeah, you're cranking up that velvet
While you're smashing all the pink
Into a memory
A precious memory

Are you the blade that will cleave our common foe
Do you feel man enough to try what I feel man enough to know
It's painted gold, but it won't roll your 20 when
Your sagging eyes are growing dim
And I don't want to be alone
Or see you dragged down by the stone
Into a middle age that you see coming
It doesn't give a damn for you
So keep on running
Bring me safely down