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All My Life

(the matthew show)
January 6, 2014
written by the matthew show
(©2004 the matthew show)

I know this tune
It's been rattling the windows
It's been dragging out my curfews
All the days I've heard it sing

I know this song
It's been hiding all the business
It's been piling up the dishes
All my life

And when the light of memory breaks
Into the dawn of present day
The light is casts is dreamlike
To the eyes
But to write it down onto the stone
The story's there, the ending's gone
It's a story I have known
All my life

I know this man
He's been promising the fight's end
He's been staring down the whirlwind
From the day that I first met him

So long ago I knew
He was older than the sun was
Like I feel when I come out of
The world we built to save us

Dissolve, devour, see the world as new
Free up the limbs to touch what's true
Does it do you any good
Or change your mind
For if not this, then what to do
If I'm still me, and you're still you
Pragmatic reason fails
All my life

I know this sound
It's the earthbound plane descending
It's the hope that's neverending
That someone's up there waiting

I know this tale
He made order out of chaos
He made rules that beat the coin toss
And loss that isn't loss

The monkey knows the sky is blue
The unborn babies know it, too
It makes a pretty picture if it's true
The early days are free to you
But after that, there's no excuse
And I may well be damned to lose
All my life

(There's too much time for getting older
I wish you were here
It's so damn lonely in the only
Life you left to me)