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That Bastard Moon

(the matthew show)
February 21, 2014
written by Little Jack Melody
commissioned as part of Legacy Leadership Academy tuition fundraiser, summer 2013
That bastard moon is at my window
he tossed a boulder through the glass
I had a hunch that he was after me
I have a hunch he'll kick my ass
he's not a sympathetic devil
he only kicks me when I'm down
he waits until I'm several shades of blue
and then he takes me on the town
we go out

dancing on the Eiffel Tower or the head of a pin
screaming 'cross the Kalahari on the way to Berlin
singing with sirens, drunk as a loon
banging a banjo, blaming a bastard moon

That bastard moon, that prince of darkness
he may show up again tonight
he's got this gang of stars who think they're tough
and they'll be looking for a fight
I'll call him yellow if I see him
I'm not afraid to let him know
I'm up to here with some old satellite
who tells me where the hell to go
and takes me