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Here We Come Again

(the matthew show)
June 21, 2016
written by the matthew show
The sixth single from The Band That Never Was podcast series.
(©2009 the matthew show)

Where you going
What was that second look you gave me
And why was it so different than the first

People of consequence they seem
To know much better than to be
Caught in the picture next to me

And here we come together
Failing to find a better friend
Failing to meet a better end
Here we come again

Got so many
Knew ‘em when they were just ordinary
Some got big, and some are punchlines to this day

I seen ‘em look around to see
Gotta know if it’s okay to be okay
With anybody weird like me


And really, it’s a mercy
That we don’t know what might’ve been
Or where we’ll wind up in the end
‘Cause here we come again

Can we know with any certainty
And what is certainty to me
I’ve never seen it be

I wanna call ‘em
Ask what it was that made ‘em squirm
Ask ‘em what it is that I never learn

Genius gets a pass
But above average just gives them pause
In the dim light of the open mic applause