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the matthew show: News

Success! - June 25, 2012

Because of all of you who donated at our fundraiser show, we will be mixing our Ardent sessions from Memphis in August, with hope for a release in September. Many thanks for your support, we will keep you posted...

Help us release our Memphis sessions - June 3, 2012

During our trip to Memphis in February, the matthew show quintet (myself, Jeff Simms, Beth Brown, Clay Anderson, and Ed Rogers) recorded a bunch of songs with Adam Hill at Ardent Studios. These performances are quite exceptional, and capture perfectly the spirit of the current lineup in all the euphoria of that trip. I know for a fact that you will enjoy them.

Only one problem remains: While we recorded the tracks for free as part of a special 2-hour Folk Alliance deal, mixing them will actually require money. We've raised a good portion of it quietly, but to get over the hump, we will need to raise a few more hundred dollars.

So we thought we'd try something a bit crazy. We're commandeering the Fort Worth space used by Concerts in the Attic on Sunday, June 17th for a special acoustic quintet set that will be simulcast into Second Life. Bridging worlds, crossing streams, and basically setting stuff on fire. You won't want to miss it.

Showtime will be 5PM CST/3PM SLT. For an invitation to the Fort Worth show, email Ed at The suggested door donation is $20, but feel free to give as much as you like. Donating gets you the album upon release, along with an acoustic EP of previously unreleased tunes.

The Second Life show will be at B&B's. Any donation in SL gets you the album, and donations of L$1500 and over get you the EP as well.

A one-of-a-kind show to make a one-of-a-kind record. Won't you join us?

ANOTHER new single, from the AM talk radio funhouse - April 16, 2012

We've been busy bees over here at matthew show HQ, and thus, while the paint's not even dry on the last single, we got another one for you, a trashcan groove that somehow emerged as I was flipping through the AM radio dial here in darkest Middle America.

It features many fine guests, including legendary KZEW DJ John Rody, Hickory Street Hellraiser Bone Doggie, slide & harmonica wizard Danny Hill, hell-n-hollerin' Stefan Prigmore, and Fish Fry Bingo's own electric washboard wunderkind Doc Bingo (not to mention my two-decade partner in crime Jeff Simms on the drums).

And believe it or not, this tune has a VIDEO, masterminded by the lovely & talented Janell Broyles.

The tune can be yours at most digital retailers, including these favorites:

CD Baby


New single, from Texas via Memphis - April 2, 2012

On this date in 2011, my good friend and musical compatriot Jason Jackson passed away. He left a significant catalog of great tunes, and in February the quintet took the opportunity to record one of them at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis, the birthplace of so many songs Jason loved.

The tune itself is a raucous rumble through southern culture, penned in the mid-1990s and finally released for the first time. It can be yours at most digital retailers, including these:

CD Baby

Many thanks to Fetzer Mills, Jr. for making the recording possible, and to Matt Ross-Spang at Sun for giving us such generous sonic treatment.


The quintet is Memphis-bound - January 18, 2012

Thanks to the generosity of a matthew show supporter, the quintet is going to Memphis in February for the Folk Alliance conference. Our showcase will be at 7PM on Thursday the 23rd in the St. Louis room. See the conference's website for registration details.

While we're in town, we'll be doing a live session at Ardent Studios as part of their 16 Over 48 project.

There will additionally be a trio show at Coffee in the Attic in the nearby town of Covington on Friday night the 24th from 7-9PM.

AND, also thanks to our benefactor, we are going to record a very special tune at Sun Studio, the birthplace of so many classic records.


New album by quintet member Beth Brown - November 30, 2011

Being in a band full of songwriters means that not only do I have my own releases to celebrate, but those of my compatriots as well. This summer, I took some time to co-produce the debut album by venerable matthew show quintet fiddlist Beth Brown, ironically titled I'm Not Matthew. It's a fine album full of great songs, delivered with heart & wit, and stands easily alongside my own work. It features the drumming talents of quintet skinsman Jeff Simms, the expert saxmanship of Christopher Brown, and some other random instruments played by a certain nerd popper.

Enough talk, time for listening. Check the tunes out for yourself at these and other fine retailers:

CD Baby


My new band/album - October 31, 2011

Nearly two years ago, in conversation with my friend Paul Shapera (he who is known as Mocha Lab), I mentioned the idea of doing a piece of music based on H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Silver Key. The emailing of tracks between our locations in Texas and Serbia ensued, and as the recording progressed, it became evident that this was becoming something greater than the sum of its parts. To that end, instead of releasing it as Mocha Lab and the matthew show, we dubbed the new entity Ah Pook the Destroyer, whose debut album The Silver Key is now available for your listening pleasure. Here are but a few of the digital retailers at which it can be acquired:

CD Baby

I am extremely proud of this work, and I believe it not only stands on its own, but perhaps can help bring to light those elements of Lovecraft's work that were not based on horror, but on philosophy and the human condition. You can read the story here, and I encourage you to check out the album. It's one of the best things I've ever done, and may inaugurate a new branch of the many things that I do.


Bonneville Stories audiobook features matthew reading and compositions - June 28, 2011

Behold my first audiobook gig...

Bonneville Stories by Mark Doyon is a quirky collection of set pieces, not at all dissimilar to my music, so I jumped at the opportunity to bring the book to eager ears. I read all the stories, and composed tunes specifically for each. It's a great meeting of the minds, and I hope you'll check it out.

UPDATE 9/26/11: You can also buy the physical disc HERE.

New podcast episode! - March 15, 2011

After a long hiatus, The Band That Never Was returns with Episode 3:

The Average Deep makes its debut album, deals with the competition, and faces the slings and arrows of ego, growing up, Doodoo Brown, and getting grounded on a gig night. New faces wax while others wane. Also: 150 fighting roosters and a mulberry tree full of grackles.

This episode includes a new single, When the Night Comes, also available at iTunes and the like. It features our usual suspect Nancy Giammarco as well as the mighty Ed Rogers, one of Fort Worth's finest songwriters. Have a listen HERE.


New single! - February 25, 2011

Allow me to present my new single, Poison Picking Time. It features members of the quintet, plus our good friends Nancy Giammarco and Thomas Spencer.

As always, it is available at your favorite online retailers. Links available here.


songwriters circle with strum Diesel and Geos Copperfield on Friday 2/11, 5PM SLT - February 7, 2011

This is a special songwriters circle show with strum Diesel and Geos Copperfield. We'll be playing our tunes and discussing them in a pass-the-mic format. A truly unique evening.

Performance is in Second Life. Upon logging in, IM Matthew Perreault for a teleport to the venue. Showtime is SLT (Pacific time).

Love to see you inworld.

The quintet returns to The Cellar in Fort Worth on Saturday, January 29th - January 14, 2011

Bringing the quintet back to The Cellar in Fort Worth. Gonna rock the floorboards off'n the roof.

Directions HERE
See you there.

Holiday cheer - December 13, 2010

For the holidays, I've reposted last year's holiday tune, Song of Forgetting, for your listening pleasure.

Download it free HERE

And have a merry whatsit.

The quintet returns to the Mambo's Webcast with John Rody on December 8th - November 24, 2010

There's nothing quite like the Mambo's Webcast. Hosted by renowned radio personality John Rody, it must be seen to be appreciated. If you're in Fort Worth, you should definitely come by. If not, you can watch live online:

Bringing the quintet (Jeff, Dean, James, & Beth) and a pocket full of whoopass. Wednesday, December 8th, 7PM CST. Gonna be a good one.

New music video! - August 23, 2010

Lo and behold, the long-awaited music video for Me and Me & You is upon us.

Check it out HERE

It features the quintet, namely Jeffry Simms on drums, Dean Hall on bass, Beth Brown on violin, and the camera-shy James Dunn on guitar. Plus some honky.

Put your shades on before you watch it, there is a bit of pale whiteness on display. Like Skinemax for nerds.

And remember, you can have this tune for your own self for a mere 99 cents on BANDCAMP


New podcast episode and single released! - June 30, 2010

Episode 2 of my docu-pop podcast, The Band That Never Was, is now up for your listening enjoyment:

Click HERE for the podcast

With this comes the release of the new single, "A Brighter Place in the Sun":

Click HERE for the single


the quartet at Lola's & the Cellar in Fort Worth in July - June 24, 2010

Ms. Brown is on vacation, but the four dudes of the apocalypse will be bringing the nerd pop goodness to Fort Worth twice this month:

The first show is a Gulf Coast benefit at Lola's Sixth on Thursday, July 1st, with many fine bands such as Inner Frequency, Jody Jones, & No Class. We're on at 8:00, getcher details here:

We'll also be at the Cellar on Friday, July 16th, 9ish, opening for the aforementioned No Class. Who do, whether they'll admit it or not, have class.

Don't miss it...

Cellar details here

The quintet at The Cellar in Fort Worth, June 11th - June 7, 2010

Five times the goodness, and all that that implies...

Playing with My Wooden Leg & Human Groove Hormone.

Details here.

The quintet at Lola's Sixth on June 3rd - May 20, 2010

Bringing the bigass quintet to Lola's Sixth in Fort Worth on Thursday, June 3rd, as part of the Fort Worth Music Co-op showcase. Do join us, along with the fine folks of No Class and the Matt Wayne Band:

Tonight Live Interview - May 4, 2010

My appearance on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe is now up for your enjoyment:


I'm on in the second half of the show, with a performance and a very good interview by the always insightful Ms. Beebe.

Dig it...

Democracy!! - April 27, 2010


Civil war has broken out in the matthew show's musical family. Despite much debate, no consensus can be reached on which mix of the new single, Me and Me & You is better. It's like Congress or Fleetwood Mac in here, except without so much adultery.

So instead of breaking out the pitchforks, the decision will be left up to you, the listener. Below, you will be able to listen to (and/or buy) both of the mixes in contention, then vote on which one should be used in the super groovy music video we're about to make.

Ready, set, VOTE!!

<a href="">Me and Me &amp; You (naked mix) by the matthew show</a>

<a href="">Me and Me &amp; You (sequined pants mix) by the matthew show</a>

New Docu-Pop Podcast Launch & More - March 22, 2010

When I finished february two years ago, I knew that it would be my last album. Albums as a form are problematic these days, both in demanding undivided stretches of people’s time and in the area of retail distribution. But I’ve gone too far into the world of conceptual pieces to just crank out singles for the rest of my life.

Then it occurred to me: A serialized podcast, mixing documentary and pop music. Like february, but open-ended and cut into digestible bits just the right size for a dayjob commute or a nightcap. Easy enough, right?

Thanks to folks like you, yes. Since I’ve been off the dayjob train, I’ve been able to complete the first episode of my inaugural podcast in a few months, rather than the multiple years it normally takes for my projects to see the light of day.

So what is this thing about?

Spurred by books like Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Fooled By Randomness, our society has been having a discussion of our expectations about life and how they are shaped by what we see. There is a selection bias, particularly in the arts, where we are only exposed to the stories of the wildly successful.

Where are the tales of failure?

My new podcast, The Band That Never Was, is an attempt to even out the sample set. It is the story of a group of friends who travel from adolescence to adulthood together. On the way, they form a band, and hijinks ensue.

Packed with honesty, laughs, relationships, irony, and some damned fine tunes, The Band That Never Was is about many things. Friendships, life, music, growing up, and a study of what, at its core, failure may or may not be.

And let’s not forget the music. Every episode features original music by the matthew show and my various musical associates, and the tunes are also available as singles here at independently of the podcast.

I’m extremely excited about this project, and I believe you will be, too. Check it out here:

Since this series is now in full swing, I do need to rearrange a few things. I had been doing Acoustic Surprises each month, but I will likely need to start doing them at random intervals rather than monthly. This will result in new episodes and singles coming out at a faster rate, and I think that would make us all happy.

Six months into supporting myself, I have learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t. Several ideas which showed great promise as supplementary income did not live up to that promise, and as a result I have thrown all my energies into things which I believe you, the fan, may find of greatest interest. The podcast, the tunes, the shows, and the collaborations with great musicians.

So I offer this humorous video for your consideration.

Thanks to you, I hope that I am able to continue fulfilling (and possibly even surpassing) your expectations for many years to come.

More soon,


Returning to Mambo's, 3/31 - March 8, 2010

Debuting the quartet (!) for John Rody's ever-engaging Mambo's Webcast on Wednesday, March 31st. You can stream it at but live and in person is always a hoot.

See you there.

February's Acoustic Surprise - February 10, 2010

R.E.M. is one of those "without whom..." bands for me. Their aesthetic is woven tightly into my music, and for my money, Document is one of their best albums. It's also one of their most popular, so I haven't considered covering much from it, because...well, you've already heard it.

But a few years ago I discovered Rosie Thomas, a great songwriter and performer who introduced me to a new arrangement of one of R.E.M.'s most ubiquitous chart-toppers, The One I Love. Turns out she bummed the arrangement from Sufjan Stevens, who also sings on her recording of it. My version is not dissimilar, other than the fact that my voice is considerably lower than hers. Check it out:

Click HERE to download and heart February's Acoustic Surprise on

Many thanks to Dean Hall and Beth Brown for their vocal assistance.


Live at White Rock Coffee, 2/20 - February 7, 2010

Dallas types, you're in for a treat as I take the White Rock Coffee stage with the lovely Beth Brown on violin & the somewhat lovely Dean Hall on bass.

It's Saturday, February 20th, 9:30PM...

Gonna be a good'un.
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