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the matthew show: News

Surgery Update - May 31, 2008

Operation went smoothly, and apparently my tonsil situation had worsened in the two weeks since I'd last seen the doctor, so I kinda just barely prevented them from swallowing my head whole.

Recovery is a rough thing, given that I can't breathe through my nose for two weeks, and during that same two weeks my throat is on fire. But I've been extremely lucky in having no nausea from the anesthesia, marking off at least one medication from being swallowed down the pit of flame. And yes, applesauce and yogurt are my friends. As is Lortab. I've been thinking of making it my personal lord and saviour, actually.

Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know that all my drama queening was unnecessary, and that it would appear that I am indeed on the right side of statistics from time to time.

More when I know it...


The time has come - May 28, 2008

Surgery tomorrow. I hope to stay on the right side of statistics and see you all very soon. This world is beautiful, ugliness and all. Isn't that strange?

matthew on public radio, Friday 5/16 - May 17, 2008

So the people at our local NPR affiliate are exercising poor quality control again and have allowed certain honky ramblers back on their airwaves.

Thus it is that during Friday the 16th's Morning Edition, KERA 90.1 FM in Dallas will broadcast a new commentary of mine, chock full of the sort of complaining and pointlessness that you've come to expect from the matthew show. Those outside the DFW sprawl-o-plex can stream the station here:
Here's to irresponsible programming...

UPDATE 5-23-08:

Here's the audio link for your use and amusement...

planned matthew outage in june - May 14, 2008

Many of you are aware that I've been having chronic throat and sinus problems for quite a while now. Despite all efforts for a peaceful resolution of the problem, however, it appears that we will now have to pull out the big guns.

The last week of May, I will be having sinus surgery and a simultaneous tonsillectomy, providing what I hope will be a knockout punch to my microscopic tormentors. I'm not entirely sure when my voice will be back up to speed after that, but barring complications, there will be a resumption of matthew show services in late June or early July.

The timing is fortuitous, since later this year I will be doing a lot of performing in support of my forthcoming second album. Better to get this crap taken care of now so you fine people don't have to listen to the new tunes accompanied by a chorus of mucous nodules.

In the couple of weeks before the operation, however, I will be doing two shows in Second Life to take my mind off the impending slice-n-dice. Check the calendar for dates and times, and come out to get a last listen, just in case my voice emerges from the tonsillectomy sounding like Bonnie Tyler.

More when I know it...

Relay-Palooza, Saturday 5/10 - May 4, 2008

I'll be playing a special 2-hour show at the Relay-Palooza on Saturday the 10th. It's part of the Second Life Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Come out, donate, hear some angsty tunes, and buy your virtual self a t-shirt.

More Album News - April 22, 2008

A few more details to fill in, some of them rather alarming, even to me: At last, after 17 years of trying to get someone other than me to give a flying shit about releasing something I've created, I'VE FOUND A LABEL.

I know, it's freaking me out, too. When I sent the new album in for consideration and received the comment, "you have a perverse disregard for expectations," and it was a COMPLIMENT, I knew I'd found a home. But because of said perversity and also to generate what we in the industry call "pre-buzz", I'm keeping the label's identity a secret for the moment. However, I can reveal that it is an independent label with many years of experience and its own perverse disregard for mass tastes.

What I can also reveal is that the album will come out in 2008, though the specific date is uncertain. It will be a co-release with my own label, Naïve Music, and will be available everywhere you can find my previous album, plus a few more places, I'll wager.

As far as the album itself is concerned, it's largely done. The recording is finished, as is the mixing, and it will be going to mastering very soon (we're moving house, or it'd already have gone). After that, I send the sucker to the label and wait for the arrival of a heavy box from the UPS guy.

Because I'm a picky sonofabitch and because I actually have a listener base this time around, I'm not putting up samples from the new record until it gets back from mastering. I want you to hear the finished product, with which I believe you will be very pleased, bearing in mind the aforementioned perverse disregard for expectations. Wait'll you hear my duet with Jay-Z on the third track. Actually, I think I may have just dreamed that...

More soon, thanks for hanging in there.

Gobama This Saturday - April 16, 2008

Though the details remain a tad murky, I am told that sometime between noon and 4PM on Saturday, April 19th, I will be playing onstage at a rally for Barack Obama in Fort Worth's Water Gardens downtown. If you like cranky acoustic pop with your politics, or if you like Mr. Obama, or if you don't like him but do like starting fights, this will be a perfect event. My old accomplice Jason "Shithead" Jackson will be there, and the Main Street Arts Festival will be in full swing right outside the gardens, so you really can't lose. Unlike certain other candidates. See? Think of the fun.

New album progress report - March 30, 2008

Mixing: Done

Mastering: Next

Looking at a summer release, I'll keep you posted...

the matthew show LIVE at Artemesia, 3-6-08 - March 3, 2008

Who doesn't like treehouses? Come enjoy the fine virtual treehouse/music venue at Artemesia this Thursday the 6th at 6PM SLT (Pacific time). Bring your own marbles, 'cause I ain't sharing.

Old Salt's Pub reunion, Sunday 2/24 - February 19, 2008

My journey through the Second Life music scene has been varied and interesting. Along the way, I've been fortunate enough to find pillars to help prop my little cartoon computer guy up during my learning curve and keep me playing regularly, and from late 2006 to early 2007, Old Salt's Pub was the strongest.

I met many good friends and colleagues at Old Salt's, and learned a lot about the inworld scene. Sadly, I arrived one day to find it gone, a fate that descends upon many SL venues in this period of early adoption and envelope-pushing.

But lucky me (and you), for one day only, owner CaveCub Milk is going to rez Old Salt's for a very special reunion show this Sunday the 24th, and I've been invited to be on the bill. Expect to see some great players throughout the day who have since become SL mainstays, and don't forget your friend matthew's set at 3:30 PM SLT (Pacific time). IM Matthew Perreault or CaveCub Milk if you need a teleport to the venue, we'll be happy to help.

See you there.

the matthew show LIVE at White Rock Coffee, 2/15 - February 8, 2008

In these dark days of winter, what could inspire someone to leave the comfort of their hobbit-holes?

O what?

How about good coffee and hot nerd pop?
Both will be on offer on Friday, February 15th at the venerable White Rock Coffee in Dallas. My dear friend and fellow cantankerous bastard Jason "Shithead" Jackson will open the proceedings at 8PM, followed by a certain honky who will take the stage from 9PM till whenever they kick him out.

Details here:
See you there.

the matthew show on SLCN, 2/7 - January 25, 2008

(Okay, so technical difficulties sunk the SECOND appearance as well. New date is below, third time's the something or other...)
For those of you who haven't yet made the foray into Second Life, Thursday the 7th will be a great opportunity to peek in through a window.

I'll be making an appearance on the Second Life Cable Network that night at 6PM SLT (Pacific time), performing a half-hour set. The network broadcasts live from Second Life onto its website, where you can watch the show on your browser:
It'll be fun, and a good chance for you to see what you're missing. If you're inworld already, come out on Wednesday to my weekly Luxor show at 6PM SLT, it's a hoedown.

See you on the teevee.

New Letter From TX - January 3, 2008

matthew on the radio 'round about Baby Jesus time - December 18, 2007

I'll be doing a DFW radio double-shot this holiday week:

On Sunday the 23rd, the matthew show makes a return trip to the Good Show on Fort Worth's KTCU 88.7 FM. There'll be music, humbug, and fun for all ages, provided those ages are too old to be in bed by 7:30 and too young to be offended by newfangled nerd pop. I'll likely be on sometime between 9PM-11PM, Central time. If you're in FW, listen on the antenna, and if you're everywhere else, you can stream it:
In addition, KERA 90.1 FM here in Dallas obviously hasn't learned their lesson, because they're letting me back on the air, this time for my cranky Christmas Eve commentary.

Not sure of the specific time, but it'll be during Morning Edition, which tends to run between 5AM & 7AM, repeating from 7AM to 9AM (Central time). If you're in the Dallas megalopolis, you can tune in the old fashioned way, or if you're elsewhere, you can stream it here:
If you lean pro-Santa, you might want to cover the little ones' ears...

There you go. Total media saturation. I feel like Don Imus, only without the hoes.

UPDATE 1-2-08: The Good Show's got audio of my rather lengthy appearance up now:
UPDATE 1-3-08: KERA's got my commentary up for your downloading convenience:

SL two-fers for Xmas - December 18, 2007

Doing two SL shows a week for the next couple of weeks. I'd say it was for holiday specialness, but I'm not that good a liar. Just turned out that way, and that's fine, because it'll be a hootenanny.

Luxor on Wednesday the 19th and 26th, and Orchard Music Park on Thursday the 20th and 27th.

Happy Winter Solstice, Crimble, Festivus, Christmahanukwanzakah, and all that.

matthew LIVE at House of Flames' Festival of Fire, 12/8/07 - December 5, 2007

I'll be playing a special show in Second Life as part of the House of Flames' Festival of Fire, which kicks off at 5PM SLT (Pacific time) on Saturday, December 8th. My set will start at 6:30PM SLT, between Soul Piaggio and Electrofunkadelica.

Should be a fun night all around, but to spice things up a bit, I'm going to debut a new song (something I haven't done in a while) at the festival. Come on out and fill your ears, it'll be a hum-dinger.

Help the Hip - November 30, 2007

If you've followed the matthew show at all, you've noticed that I do a lot of performances at one of Fort Worth's treasures, the Hip Pocket Theatre. It's absolutely my favorite place to play, and hosts many of the area's best performers, giving them a summer home for live shows.

Sadly, off-the-beaten-path operations such as Hip Pocket are not generally rolling in cash, despite a loyal fan base and impeccable talent booking (modest, eh?). The reason for this is that instead of putting the proceeds in their pockets, they invest them right back into the venue. Many of you Fort Worth residents on this list are aware of the pitfalls that even popular venues can run into, as evidenced by the fall of the mighty MacHenry's this year.

Thus I urge you, don't let it happen again. Because they've been upgrading the hell out of the theatre grounds this year, Hip Pocket is a bit short on funds for lease renewal. If you care about making and maintaining performance homes for your favorite artists, I encourage you to give whatever you can to these folks so that they can continue enriching the community and the music and theatre world in general. Learn how here:
At the very least, do it for me. Or if you don't really like me that much and think I'm kind of a preachy asshole, do it for the children. Won't someone think of the damned children?


SL two-fer - November 26, 2007

Got two Second Life shows this week, for your virtual and auditory pleasure.

The first is my regular Humpday show at Luxor Stage, this Wednesday the 28th at 6PM SLT (Pacific time). It's a fine venue with a fine host, Ms. Circe Broom, and always a good bet.

The second is a return performance at the lovely Orchard Music Park, hosted by the gracious Ursula Cinquetti. I always have fun at this place, and you will, too.

Come on and feel the noise:

the matthew show LIVE at White Rock Coffee, 11-24-07 - November 16, 2007

A very small number of you may remember the last time I played a gig at a Dallas venue. EIGHT YEARS AGO. And it was with my old band, the Civilians. So it's been a really, really long freakin' time.

So you Big D people who haven't been able to make it out to Cowtown in the last couple of years have a fine and rare opportunity to catch the matthew show live at the very groovy White Rock Coffee on Northwest Highway on Saturday, November 24th. It's a small stage, so it'll just be me minus the trio, although my trusty bassist, the one and only Jason "Shithead" Jackson, will be opening for me with his trademark country/rock/weirdo sounds. His live shows are even more rare than mine, so you should avail yourself of the chance to see the wily bugger.

Mr. Jackson starts at 8PM, and I'll take the stage at 9PM, playing till late-thirty. Get some coffee and open up your earholes, it's a fine post-Thanksgiving treat.

Details here:
See you there.

New Album Update and other news - October 29, 2007

Okay, so we're zeroing in on a release date for the new album, and it's looking like mid-March of 2008. Being a DIY operation, the specific date may slide around a bit, but that's a fairly accurate time frame given what we know at the moment.

As soon as the final mixes are done (probably late November), I will likely be posting some sample tracks on this site and elsewhere. Reaction from associates who've heard the album thus far has been very positive, even ecstatic, so that's good.

While my new record gets itself gussied up for the red carpet, I'll direct your ears to a brand new album entitled All Sides by the extremely talented matthew show associate Doug Kwartler:
I freakin' LOVE this album. Seriously. So much so that I've been covering not one, but TWO songs from it at recent shows. Go have a listen and make your Christmas bright by buying this record.

Another album you should pick up or die is the superb Subduction by longtime matthew show collaborator Mocha Lab:
No physical discs for this one (passe, you know, I'm the one that's a fuddyduddy), but it's up on iTunes and other digital distributors in all its glory. Go have a listen and see if it don't blow your mind.

Gig-wise, check out the Calendar page for some special Second Life shows in the coming weeks, plus the odd First Life appearance. New material always shows up live first, so in the days before I put up the new album tracks, shows are the best preview.

More later,


the matthew show LIVE at Hip Pocket Theatre, Friday the 26th - October 15, 2007

Hip Pocket's 2007 season is wrapping up, and we help boot it out the door on Friday, October 26th.

For those unfamiliar, the deal is this: I and the trio (featuring the estimable Jeff Simms and Jason Jackson) take the backyard stage at 7PM and play for a bit while you munch your vittles and sample libations.

at 8:15PM, the play, Aurora Ephemerala by Johnny Simons, starts up in the lovely amphitheatre. For fans of UFOs and good-ass theatre, it's a must-see.

After the play, we get back up on the backyard stage and make noise until when the hell ever. It's always a good time, and a good way to say farewell to autumn before the grody winter grunk sets in.

More info here, see you there:

new Letter From NYC - September 29, 2007

Yes, it was supposed to be over. But alas, I can't shaddap:

the matthew show LIVE at Burning Life 07 - September 27, 2007

So if for some bizarre reason you didn't find yourself out in the desert for eight days last month dancing around a giant flaming man, well, here's the next best thing. Burning Life 07 is in full swing this week, and I'm doing a special set this Saturday, September 29th at noon SLT (Pacific time) to help the flames lick ever higher.

Come join the fun, should be a hootenanny. A very artsy hootenanny...

the matthew show live at Hip Pocket Theatre, Saturday, 9/22 - September 15, 2007

Fall is beginning to fall here in Texas, and that blessed turn of events provides a great opportunity for another outdoor show at Fort Worth's renowned Hip Pocket Theatre, this Saturday, September 22nd.

The deal is as follows: The trio and I (featuring Jeff Simms on drums and Jason Jackson on bass) take the backyard stage at 7PM, and play till 8:15PM. At that point, the play begins in the amphitheatre. This time around, it's The Doggies and the Kitty, by Hip Pocket O.G. Johnny Simons. After the play, the music cranks back up and no one has the foggiest idea when it'll end.

It's a great time, and we'll see you there. Info here:

matthew live on KTCU, Sunday the 26th - August 25, 2007

I'll be making a live, in-studio appearance on Fort Worth's beloved KTCU 88.7 FM this Sunday, August 26th, as a guest of the long-running and widely acclaimed The Good Show with Tom Urquhart.

The show itself starts at 9PM (that's Central time), and I'll likely be on sometime between 10:30 and 11:00. Those in the greater FW area can tune in via the Marconi, and those of you scattered throughout the rest of the world can stream the show here:
Wee dawg...

UPDATE 9-1-07:

For those who missed it, an mp3 of the show is now available, as well as an in-studio pic:
Show them love.
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